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Graphic t-shirts featuring prints of my original designs are available for purchase. All shirts are made of 100% organic cotton, supporting sustainable agriculture without the use of pesticides or toxic chemicals. Additionally, 25% of all profits from t-shirt sales is donated to assist organic permaculture initiatives to feed communities and provide education opportunities for children in Kenya and Uganda.Feel free to check out my website ( for more examples of my art and for additional details. Click the "Services" button at the top, then click the "Graphic apparel" bullet, or just scroll down a little bit to the "Graphic Apparel" section. You are welcome to browse the designs on the right in the "Graphic Apparel" section on my website, and if you like one of them, or several, you are more than welcome to take them home! (Click any image to magnify it and to check out more details.)All shirts are unisex and available S-XXL. Single shirt orders within the United States are $50 each (shipping included). For color options, higher quantity order pricing, and shipping to other regions, please contact me.To place an order and/or for more information, feel free to use the contact form on my website or to call +1 (817) 637-XXXX.Thanks for your support and for checking out my creations, and I hope you enjoy!