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If you need school clothes for your daughter this is a great deal. Pictures only show some as there were alot to take pics of. I have individual prices here but I'd prefer to do the whole lot. I need to get her clothes for the new year. I have 1pair of cahkis- $3 1 pair jean capris- $3 2 pairs of corduroy pants- $5 6 pairs of yoga lounge pants- $ 20 6 short skirts ( appropriate for school and most have built in shorts)- $20 2 long skirts - $6 1 pair white capris- $1 ( these do have two light stains on them) 7 dresses - $ 35 1 night gown- $2 3 pairs of pj pants- $3 5 long sleeve shirts- $10 18 short sleeve shirts- $ 45 11 no sleeve shirts (tanks mostly)- $20 and one Light track jacket. Its a really pretty blue color. Pictures only include part of the items, there was to much to take pics of everything. - $3 Thanks